Drive a Luxury Vehicle with the

SevenPoint2 Elite Car Club

Elite Car Club

The SevenPoint2® Elite Car Club Program is an exciting incentive offered to Associates who achieve and maintain the position of Platinum Team Leader or higher in the SevenPoint2® Compensation Plan.

The Elite Car Club pays you up to $1,000 a month for as long as you maintain possession of your white luxury vehicle and maintain Platinum Team Leader status. You can choose the approved white luxury car of your choice, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Range Rover, Lexus, Infinity and more!

Upon confirmation of your Platinum Team Leader status, SevenPoint2® will send you a simple but classy branding kit for your car.

SevenPoint2® also offers a basic monthly car allowance program because not everyone has the need or desire to acquire a luxury vehicle. In this case, SevenPoint2® offers a $300 cash bonus for Platinum Team Leaders. For more information, see the SevenPoint2® Compensation Plan.

How to Qualify

When you achieve and maintain the level of Platinum or above, you become eligible to receive an Elite Car Bonus! To receive the Elite Car Bonus, you must purchase or lease a qualified white luxury car (check for qualifying cars in your region). Alternatively, you can elect to receive $300/month to put towards a car payment on any other car. All cars must display the provided SevenPoint2® decal(s). After you have registered your qualifying car, the Elite Car Club Bonus starts at $600/month, and increases with your rank:

  • Platinum $600/month
  • Emerald $700/month
  • Ruby $800/month
  • Diamond $900/month
  • Black Diamond and above $1,000/month

Associates who qualify for the Elite Car Club Bonus at any of these ranks, but fail to register a qualifying car, will still receive a Car Bonus of $300 for the month.